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The town of Harmony is filled with many colorful characters. The idea behind the mix of personalities, ages and backgrounds was to show how people from different walks of life would coexist in a community. Obviously some of the characters get a long better than others (sorry Della) but every character works to represent how our differences make us who we are.

Who was your favorite character and why? Who did you identify with most in the book? And what did you take from how different people cope with loss and spirituality?

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One thought on “Character Discussion Page

  1. Now, I’m obviously biased here but I am pretty fond of Raye! LOL! I think she is the perfect balance to Ruth in the story. Of course, I would have liked to have played a more significant part in the story but I will settle for being the person who really helps set everything up. I love the fact that both my hair and clothes made it in the book. I wouldn’t say I am the hippie you may think of me and I’ve heard people refer to my style as Helen Roper and I’d fine with that. I love my caftans and gaudy jewelry. Who did you enjoy most in the book?

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