Gifts from the Sea Discussion

Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s book Gift from the Sea plays a very significant part of Life in Harmony.” Lindbergh suffered devastating loss when her first child, Charles Jr. was kidnapped and found dead. Her book Gift from the Sea came from her exile to the beach to cope with the loss.

Kate’s journey pays homage to Lindbergh’s journey. Although Kate has the guidance of Ruth and Ruth’s love of Lindbergh’s work. Ruth’s shop, Gifts from the Sea, directly keys in on not just Lindbergh’s book but the fact that gifts from God (the Sea) come in various forms.

Only two actual passages from  Lindbergh’s book appear in the Life in Harmony (as the opening quote and at the end of the book). However, much of Ruth’s philosophical discussions come from themes presented in the Lindbergh book.

If you have read Lindbergh’s Gift from the Sea what are some of your favorite passages?

What were some of your favorites passages from Ruth in Life in Harmony?

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